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I have been freelance Theatre Designer since graduating from Central Saint Martin’s in 1993 continuously working in Opera, Period and Modern drama and contemporary and classic dance Design; designing both Sets and Costumes.

I was asked to join the Associate Lecture cohort on the Foundation Diploma in Design Course at Wilson Road, Camberwell in 2014 where I teach Theatre and Screen Design. I am involved in Academic Support at Wimbledon College with the Theatre Design and Production Arts Courses and also withe the Insights Programmes throughout the academic year.

I hope to gain more self-confidence in my current ‘zero trained’ teaching practice, to support and encourage the students in the their Artistic Education as much as I can. I can honestly say that I never thought I would be a teacher / lecturer so an Academic Career is proving to be a very steep learning curve; I feel I am not a natural ‘learner’ but trust my instincts and empathy.

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  1. Hello Bob!

    Having spent time in a studio with you and your students I’d never have guessed that you came to teaching so recently. You seemed to be very assured and have a really strong and productive connection with the students.


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