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running out of patience


It’s took me 3 hours to work out how to add more categories to my blog. No wonder I don’t have much time to read the stuff I’m supposed to read… If blogging was truly necessary to my teaching practice I might be less frustrated with it; yes, maybe I could do with more patience or perhaps consider that blogging might be necessary for my teaching practice in the near future (?)… but when I’m frustrated by my lack of understanding of some of the literature that I am reading on the PgCert (arid rather than dry); I’m finding the need to learn how to write and format a blog and workflow a bit of a drag on my brain cells and my time.


I’ve just spoken with Lindsay and now I feel an absolute fool as I didn’t refer it to the Moodle page! Doh  !! but my frustrations at these not being more simple and self intuitive linger.  Lindsay’s sample Portfolio for Workflow certainly saved much time than having to configure a blank page but this does not include loading PDF’s instead of Docx files to ensure that the viewer won’t have to download separate documents to read…

A suggestion would be to set up a full blog AND workflow learning session (there was a fast and simple ‘mass’ workshop before PgCert sessions started but this could be a much longer session and also covers workflow – if workflow will remain the required / suitable Portfolio viewing media. I will probably never blog again (I do not have a Facebook page or use any other social media) and I hardly think that workflow will be in my repertoire after I’ve done my year on PgCert.  The hours I’ve had to spend to self-learn these will be time I could have used more productively as I’m getting old and value my time more so.


Rant over.



no; it’s not…

Now I can”t align several images on my blog; I’ve tried for 4 hours to align 8 images to a grid but to no avail… so one post looks a little odd with, what looks like Spanish moss !

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