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So I am about to submit this portfolio…

I am surprised by how much I have crammed into the last few weeks… not feeling confident about the course, the elective unit or how to use blogs or workflow have, at times, felt like climbing a vertical wall. On reflection I realise I much prefer being taught rather than reading (dry, often arid, high brow, academic writings). Practical has always been stronger than theology or philosophy, though psychology has also been strong subjects for me. i can relate to many of my own students who find dissertations, essays, written justifications harder than their peers. By understanding this I empathise with them, I can help them find ways through the difficulties using many other techniques like pre-recorded video presentations, sound bites, bullet points (if any of these are technically allowed by the university then this would certainly help with inclusivity and diversity levels).

That is not to say that I have not found the studying worthless. It has, again on reflection, got me to challenge my prejudices and my preconceptions. I have truly enjoyed and garnered many references, sources of benefit and reason but still feel a little frustrated by the lack of practical things that help me teach my students better than I am currently doing. Having no teaching training experience prior to teaching 4 hours a week on the Foundation Course I have struggled to accept that my abilities in this field are up to the requirements and, at 52 years of age, I feel I am slower than most of my peers. I even enrolled on the 2 day UAL course “Thinking Teaching” but, like this PgCert, found its over use of pedagogic references and acronyms and mountains of research reading to ‘consider’ reading all too much to be of benefit. ‘Teaching training’ is what I would probably call what I wanted most.

But I’m two thirds the way through this course… I will persevere and, hopefully, surprise myself further.

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