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Assessment – how do I feel about being assessed?


Well; now I know how a student feels!

It’s judgement time.

I realise that this is not a logical feeling but the terminology of being ‘assessed’ is associated with exam results, scores, have I done enough to pass. As a lecturer who has just assessed his students I aim to give constructive criticism so why would I feel I would not get the same treatment when I am being assessed? Because, like a muscle memory, it is a process that was instilled in us from early youth; if I don’t pass the grade I’ll have to re-sit the exam, re-do the work, have Mum and Dad to answer to… it’s loaded with negative feelings.

What are positive feelings of judgement and how do they compare to negative feelings of judgement? Constructive criticism does not rely on pass or fail scenarios; surely, if we dispense with marking then our students might feel less intimidated, they might learn again rather than study simply to pass an exam.

Assessment criteria for Art and Design subjects differ from Science or Maths based subjects due to the subjective nature of Art and Design but this is recognised and accountable; primary and secondary research methods, development of ideas, :JB:E?OCOEUCOUBVECI:VAES~

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