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14th July 2018
by Michael Robert Bailey

Elective Unit choice

To be quite honest; I hadn’t got a clue which Elective Unit I might have been interested in out of these…      Academic Leadership – This was the furthest from what I wanted to learn (or to become) so … Continue reading

16th February 2018
by Michael Robert Bailey
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I’m struggling with how to blog… this is a thing I have never done and it’s taking me some head burn to understand what to do… And then I’ve not realised I’ve saved several entries as drafts. And then I … Continue reading

11th January 2018
by Michael Robert Bailey
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Hello to my readers

I have been freelance Theatre Designer since graduating from Central Saint Martin’s in 1993 continuously working in Opera, Period and Modern drama and contemporary and classic dance Design; designing both Sets and Costumes. I was asked to join the Associate … Continue reading

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